The Great Sex Rescue

The Lies You've Been Taught and How to Recover What God Intended

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What if everything you’ve been taught about sex has set you up for disappointment?

After over fifteen years of helping couples have better sex lives, we’ve realized that a lot of problems are not caused by a lack of good information–they’re caused by believing bad teachings. So we did a study of over 20,000 women to figure out which teachings were harmful and which were helpful to help couples learn the truth about sex from a Jesus-centered worldview.

Learn what it means to have a cross-centered marriage–even in the bedroom.

we believe that sex is meant to be:

Paired. Both spouses desire each other and make sex a priority in the marriage.

Personal. Sexual fulfillment is a unique journey requiring emotional security, safety, and intimacy.

Pleasurable. Sex should feel good. Like, really good. And sex should feel good for both people involved.

Pressure-free. Sex should be free of manipulation, obligation, or coercion in your marriage.

Pure. Each spouse is responsible for keeping pure of sexual sin and keeping sexual sin out of their sex life.

Passionate. Sex was designed to give us great freedom–which means God made sex to be really hot!


We surveyed 20,000 women to discover what makes sex great for some and terrible for others.

We want to give you the tools so many wish they had so that you can rescue great sex in your marriage and challenge the lies we have been taught for too long.

Learn about our study of over 20,000 women

We conducted a research project of surveys, focus groups, interviews and more totaling more than 20,000 participants. Oh, and we asked them all about sex. Want to learn about what we did and what we found?

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Do you want more for your sex life? Don’t know where to start to make things better, but know they can’t stay the same? Stay up-to-date with modern research and practical tips to help you rescue your sex life.

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